About Mim

About Mim Jenkinson

Hi, I’m Mim! I’m a married mother of two small children, living in Newcastle, NSW. Originally hailing from the UK, I emigrated to Australia in 2007 after a whirlwind holiday romance with my Australian husband.

Mim Jenkinson at Self-Start MumsWith a career in event marketing, sales, HR and career coaching spanning 20 years, I always knew that my ultimate goal was to work for myself. I didn’t know what that would be for years later!

My entrepreneurial spirit was given the ultimate chance to shine in 2015 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When faced with the need to leave employment to undergo aggressive treatment, I took advantage of the opportunity to also pursue my own business, Love from Mim. Within just a few months I had turned my “hobby blog” into a profitable business, earning more than any previous role.

I now spend my time continuing to build my blog, consulting for other start-up businesses and building a network of collaborative mums in business here, at Self-Start Mums.


Why is Self-Start Mums different?

It’s different because I’m different! Pre-kids, my main aim was to be no.1 at everything I put my mind too.

I was healthily competitive, although always striving to empower others along the way, but I wanted to be the best. I wanted to climb to the top of every career ladder I stepped on.

I wanted to earn seven figures. And then some.

Kids changed me

My priorities shifted massively when I became pregnant – and I know this is the same for many parents.

When you have a small person depending on you to be there for them, things have to change.

I no longer have any inclination to spend hours working into the night or at the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, deadlines happen, overtime happens sometimes. But it’s limited.

My day-to-day business is now centred on the juggle, not the hustle. I want “family time”, “me time” and “work time”. I want to be able to pay the bills and have a little extra left over. I care more about my quality of life and less about the competition. I’ll do me, they can do them.

And I want to help people find the balance too – because life is just too short. Cancer showed me that.

I want to help other mums find the balance between family time, time for themselves and time to build their mini empire too.

If this resonates with you, I would love you to get in touch!