5 Tips to Successfully Work from Home

5 Tips to Successfully Work from Home by Maraya Bell

Working from home can be a dream arrangement for many parents but it comes with its own challenges. Here are 5 tips to successfully work from home and get the right work/life balance:

Organise your Space

You need to have a space to work (preferably not the couch or the kitchen table) that’s set up for your needs. That means a good chair, access to good lighting and space to store all your work needs. It needs to be a quiet area, away from the rest of the family (and the TV!)

Manage your Time

Working from home means you have to have self-discipline because no one is monitoring what you are doing. It can be very tempting to watch something on TV or give the house a quick clean. However, if you start down this road you’ll find half the day has gone. If you need to do housework, then dedicate some time first thing in the morning and stick to your time limit.

Have a Routine

Avoid working in your pyjamas if you can. It sounds good, but you won’t be really functioning. Make sure you have a set routine to the start of the day. Shower, get dressed, do the school drop off or get some exercise.

Woman working from home

Know When to Stop

Working from home means you are always at work but it’s important you have a clear division between work and family time. Stop work entirely when the kids get home and then start again after bedtime if need be. If you are trying to do both at once you won’t be doing either of them properly.

Make Time for Being Social

It’s important to get out and see people. Working from home can be lonely so make time for a walk or a catch up with a friend or, if you know other people who work from home, get together to work with each other sometimes. It makes a nice change.

Hopefully, these tips help you get ready to successfully work from home.

About the Author

Maraya is a blogger and PR professional. She spends her life juggling working from home and the needs of two teens and a small child. She blogs at www.stuffmumslike.com

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5 Tips to Successfully Work from Home


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